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7 Powerful Design Techniques

So you’ve been tricked, and I’ve been tricked. UI and UX designers continue to trick people on a daily basis, there are various methods used in marketing and business by designers who “hack” people’s brains. I’m going to share these techniques with you in this article. You may be wondering why are they useful, or […]

5 Tips for User Interface (UI) Design

At Yasurf we do our utmost to provide clients with the nicest, most beautiful, and most efficient mobile journeys. User Interface Design (UI) is one of the disciplines that makes this possible. I would like to share some interesting tips. UI focuses on the visual design of the user interface. It is part of User Experience Design […]

Did you know this about UX & UI design?

Everyone has their own interpretation of what UI- and UX designers do. There are many abstract and conceptual terms thrown at your head to denote the difference between the two. That’s why I want to make it clear to you what exactly these two functions mean. Suppose you come to a website, and you try […]

5 Tips To Improve Your UI Design

Everyone has to start somewhere, but it’s always nice to get some extra tips when you start something. Here are 5 tips I wish I knew when I first started user interface design. 1. Hierarchy Make sure to plan the hierarchy of your project. If you have a hierarchy plan before you start designing, you […]